• Véra Pilo fans, a beautiful story

Honouring my family.

Very few words are enough to express the pride of belonging to one's family.

Many of us think so, but don't say it enough.

Mine is an album. A century of history travelling the world.

From Venezuela to Spain, from Turkey to Morocco... and for me from Casablanca to Lyon.

I sell wind, the heiress of all these journeys.

The click !

Summer 2003,
the world experiences its first heatwave, with exceptional temperatures. It's hot, very hot, all over Europe.

I'm on my way back from a trip to Spain, holding a super kitsch fan.

With global warming, I'm sure the fan will become an essential accessory...

My birthday gift

This will be a fund to launch my first prototypes.

My Spanish origins have caught up with me and the know-how I needed is there.

The new life of this old and endearing accessory has begun, respecting our essential values: beauty, surprise, humour and tenderness.

A French makeover that we will symbolise by slipping our first Rosapalo and Coccinella fans into 'camembert' tins made for us in Normandy.

Here we are !

A few years later, this grandmother's accessory became Cathy Guetta's accessory.

It left the courts of the kings of France to become part of our everyday lives.

Our collections have grown year on year.
Our creations dress up this noble accessory with passion.
A well of ideas inspired by the everyday and the exceptional, the classic and the eccentric, like the Touréfela Old fan, the most French of our fans, or the Carrero fan, which provokes astonishment every time it is opened...