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Véra Pilo gives air to your gift ideas !

Scarves, perfumes, books or chocolates…? For your gift ideas, think of our hot summers !

Véra Pilo fans. Wind creators since 2005.

Because life knows how to be beautiful and light, each season our hand-fan collections have the pleasure to offer you new colours and original shapes. Our collections draw their inspiration as much from the everyday as from the exceptional. The warmth of the metro and the great emotions of a wedding fade away with elegance.

Because this so small accessory knows how to be so useful and has the good idea to be eco-friendly, never forget to slip it into your handbag. Silks, embroidery, lace, feathers, pearls, pure cotton leaf, exotic wood or fruit tree, our creations are inspired by all these noble materials. Each day has its mood, its colour and its hand-fan.

Good discovery !