The idea

And always the same question:
How did you come up with this idea ?

Summer 2003, the earth experiences its first heat wave
and records exceptional temperatures.
It is hot, very hot, all over Europe.
I come back from a trip to Spain with a hand-fan in my hands.
The waiting time in the airports gives free rein to
thoughts and dreams.
The first thing I noticed is that there are no shops
shop sells this accessory in France.
The existing models are completely
completely disconnected from the fashion world.
Second observation: fanning yourself does not pollute.
With global warming, the hand-fan will become an essential accessory.
become an essential accessory.

Selling wind is the idea of my

My birthday present will not be jewellery or a handbag
nor a handbag but a fundraiser to launch my first
to launch my first prototypes.
My Spanish origins catch up with me.
My hand-fans will bear my father’s name.
My Menkes family, who have always lived in Catalonia
in Catalonia guided me in my first steps
and allowed me to work with the best craftsmen
with the best craftsmen.
The know-how I needed was there.
My first fan was already being made
in my head. The artistic talent of my husband
Michel turned a simple idea into a beautiful
into a beautiful reality and we entered the
into the creation phase.
The new life of this old and endearing
accessory began in the respect of our
beauty, surprise, humour and tenderness.
A French makeover that we will symbolize
by slipping our first Rosapalo and Coccinella hand-fans
Coccinella fans in “camembert” boxes
made for us in Normandy.

We won our bet !

The grandmother’s accessory has become the
Cathy Guetta’s. It has left the Sunday balls
to join the festive parties of Ibiza!
Our collections have grown from year to
year after year.
Our creations dress this noble accessory
with passion. A well of ideas that are inspired
from the everyday to the exceptional, from the classic
and the eccentric. The timeless
models are our must-haves.
Among these, the Pépitta hand-fan copied and recopied,
or the Touréféla Old hand-fan, the most French of
our hand-fans!
The models of the Palme collection or the
Carrero fan create the surprise with their unique
and original shape. A hand-fan is above all
a useful and ecological accessory.
We put all our energy into making it
beautiful and fun so that you dare to use it
wherever you are !

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