Touco Hand-fan


The resplendent beauty of the toucan makes it the emblematic bird of Costa Rica. Its multicoloured coat and huge curved beak catch the eye like no other species. Find it on the Touco hand-fan and breathe in the humus of the tropical forests.

Pear wood frame. Printed cotton sheet. French creation. Handmade in Spain. Open 42 cm, closed 23 cm. Delivered in a cardboard case, ready to offer !

The colour of the fruitwood or exotic wood frames may vary from one model to another. Each frame is cut from a single piece of wood. As a result, the grain is different, and there may be traces of knots. This is the result of quality craftsmanship.

Take care of your Vera Pilo hand-fan. Avoid opening it “Spanish style” by slamming it shut. Instead, accompany it as it opens and closes, “à la française”. He will be grateful for a long time.

The colour rendering of the products on our site may vary from one screen to another. Therefore we cannot guarantee the exact fidelity of this one, and does not make it a contractual element of conformity.

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    Sage Velvet Bag

    Your Véra Pilo hand-fan deserves a quality protective bag. This one is made in France, by hand, by a company renowned for its know-how.