Carmine Florès Hand-fan


Carmine Florès, here is a nice traditional hand-fan, with a nice floral decoration work on both sides hand painted and signed by the artist. To offer to a traditional fan aficionado.

Painted and varnished wooden frame. Hand-painted on both sides. Mounted in Spain. Open 38 cm, closed 21 cm. Delivered in a cardboard case, ready to offer !

Take care of your Vera Pilo fan. Avoid opening it “Spanish style” by slamming it with a sudden gesture. Instead, accompany it when opening and closing it, “à la française”. It will be grateful to you for a long time.

The colour rendering of the products on our site may vary from one screen to another. Therefore we cannot guarantee the exact fidelity of it, and do not make it a contractual element of conformity.

  • 6,00

    Black Vinyl Bag

    Your Véra Pilo hand-fan deserves a quality protective bag. This one is made in France, by hand, by a company renowned for its know-how.

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