Our meetings

Galeries Lafayette as its first customer
first customer, the story starts well !


Our prototypes in their camembert box immediately impress the Sales Director of Galeries Lafayette in the middle of December !

The new gift idea for tourists. Bingo, here we go !

The women’s press honours us !

Alongside major brands in the fashion world, the Publicis press agency presents our first collection to prestigious editors-in-chief. Biba, Elle, Vogue, Marie-Claire, Gala, …

Our hand-fans can be used for any subject: beach, swimwear, summer, heat, etc.

A Hong Kong magazine wrote a long article about our brand, which we won’t translate here…

We are so happy !

Marianne James, our muse.


La Nouvelle Star on M6 is a hit every Saturday night. With Julien Doré, the show is at its peak.

We then discover an extraordinary personality, funny, feminine, excessive and tender: Marianne James.

Without knowing it, she is a fan of the hand-fan… which is good news !

We meet, we are enthusiastic, we embrace… we have found our muse.

Each week, a show, an outfit, a fan in harmony. Marianne is in our hearts forever.

The Comédie-Française,
a dream partnership.


One fine morning, the Great House of Molière contacted us.

The Comédie Française wanted to create a line of hand-fans highlighting the rich heritage of this major French theatre institution.

Here we are, immersed in the historical archives, and in the corridors of the dressing rooms, where each door bears the name of illustrious members.

This line is inspired by emblematic words of the theatre: Côté Cour, Côté Jardin, l’Entracte… as well as the hangings and armchairs of the superb Richelieu room.

Other hand-fans followed with the same success such as “Les Comédiens” or “Aristophane”…

The weather on TF1 and FR3 canals
with Véra Pilo hand-fans.


Every summer, heatwave warnings boost the ratings of the Weather Channel.

On TF1 and FR3, Catherine Laborde and Fabienne Amiach, with a Véra Pilo hand-fan in hand, give their good advice on how to fight global warming.

“A hand-fan is good for the planet, because it doesn’t pollute”, they say together.

Audrey and the Véra Pilo hand-fans,
a real favourite !


The Voice, Season 6, France discovers one of the most particular and atypical voices of this show, Audrey.

With a hand-fan taped to her hand, her voice is a showstopper.

Her interpretation of Sylvie Vartan’s “La plus belle pour aller danser” made the coaches Florent Pagny, Mat Pokora, Mika and Zazie cry.

During the semi-final, Katy Perry even benefits from the fresh wind of Audrey’s Vera Pilo hand-fan!

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